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Marc Elliot Grossman (born October 1, 1966 in Pomona, California) is a practicing attorney, social activist, rare document dealer and former musician.

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State Supreme Court Upholds Decision regarding Civil Rights Violations Finding Continued Parole Rejections Tantamount to Turning Sentence Of Life in Prison with Possibility Of Parole Into Life Sentence Without Parole.–z8

Marc Grossman’s Pledge towards Divorce Clients

Early Life and Education

Marc Grossman was born to David Grossman and Adrienne Grossman (nee Wasserman) and is the second of three sons. Grossman’s older brother, Scott Grossman, Ph.D., is a noted theoretical astro-physicist and Grossman’s younger brother, Craig Grossman, is a practicing attorney as is Grossman’s father and wife. Grossman attended Upland High School.

Grossman studied at the University of California at Los Angeles (1984-1987) matriculating in psychology and business and the University of California at Santa Cruz (1988-1990) attaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy. During law school, Grossman worked as a substitute high school teacher and as a vest-pocket coin dealer. Grossman attained a Juris Doctor degree from the University of La Verne College of Law in 1998 and was admitted to the California State Bar in November, 1998.

Social Activism

As a student activist at UCLA, Grossman was involved in helping to establish UCLA as one of the first sanctuaries for Salvadorian refugees during the civil conflicts of the 1980s and was also instrumental in the campaign calling for the Regents to divest their funds from South Africa during the Apartheid era. Grossman worked for Campaign California, a grass roots fund raising organization under the direction of Assemblyman and former “Chicago Seven” member Tom Hayden, and fought successfully to pass Proposition 65,the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986.

Irvin Landrum Matter

As an attorney, Grossman represented Plaintiffs in the Irvin Landrum matter which gathered national attention when Claremont Police Officers were accused of shooting an unarmed African-American 18 year old and of planting a gun on him in 1999. The officers had claimed they had shot Landrum in self defense after he pulled a gun and had shot at them. However, ballistics reports confirmed the gun had never been fired and belonged to a deceased police chief from a neighboring town. In the wake of civil rights demonstrations alleging racial profiling and murder, the City of Claremont awarded the two officers involved in the shooting with Employee of the Year Honors as did the Claremont Police Officers Association. The case was eventually settled for $450,000.00 and the awards were rescinded. In 2000, California Chief Justice Ronald George presided over an award ceremony wherein the California First Amendment Coalition awarded Claremont their Black Hole Award in recognition of having been the public entity acting most improperly regarding open government and first amendment freedoms in connection with their Landrum related activities. Further fallout from the Landrum matter included several subsequent lawsuits regarding racial profiling and police officer rights.

Other High Profile Matters

Grossman has been at the center of other high profile matters including representing San Bernardino County gadflies Jeff Wright and Shirley Goodwin. Wright was alleged to have been targeted for his political activities targeting former San Bernardino County Supervisor Jerry Eaves. Eaves would ultimately face Federal Criminal corruption charges for which he would plead guilty.

In 2001, Grossman formed the briefly lived South Western Poverty Law Center as a coalition of local organizations to fight institutionalized discrimination in the Inland Empire. In 2003, Grossman was recognized by the Los Angeles Times as one of the Inland Valley Times 66 most influential persons.

Prisoner Rights Advocate

Grossman has successfully obtained the release of dozens of lifers whom had been determined to have been improperly denied parole following their convictions and life sentences. Grossman’s work in this field has resulted in numerous published opinions and has helped shape the law at the State and Federal levels. His clients have included Robert Rosenkrantz, Leslie Van Houten and Richard Shaputis.

Personal Life

Grossman is an accomplished musician and poker player and currently plays in a band with 80’s rocker Gene “Rockin” Roland A.K.A. The Zig Zag Man and former Velvet Chain drummer Craig Van Sant. Grossman is also a respected collector of rare historical manuscripts and the proprietor of Signature House, an auction house devoted exclusively to the sale of historical documents and manuscripts. In 2008, Grossman formed the American Manuscript Library, a non-profit organization providing scholarships and educational programs throughout Southern California as well as providing a research library which includes holographic exemplars from thousands of individuals.

Grossman is currently married to Evangeline Grossman, a partner at the prestigious firm of Shernoff, Bidart and Echeveria whom are recognized as the founders of the tort of Bad-Faith Insurance and also for their Holocaust litigation whereby they sought to hold European insurance companies accountable for thousands of life insurance policies never honored following World War II. Grossman and his wife live in Upland, California with their 3 wonderful children.

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