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California business owners pay millions each year in premiums for insurance policies designed to protect them in the event of losses or natural disasters often only to see their business forced into costly and time consuming litigation when a legitimate claim is delayed or outright denied. The business insurance altercation litigation attorneys at the Law Offices of Marc Grossman help large and small business owners safeguard their financial well being in both negotiation and litigation at all levels of the federal and state courts.

The Key…

The key to eluding a dispute with your business insurance company is to know exactly what is covered in the policy and the options of recourse for your dispute. The Law Offices of Marc Grossman assist clients throughout Southern California, reviewing business insurance policies and identifying potential pitfalls and suggesting possible corrections before the dispute becomes too costly. If your insurance company takes unreasonable actions and fails to defend or indemnify the insured business, we are experienced in preparing and the presenting of bad faith lawsuits that seek to recover the original claim amount including punitive damages and attorney’s fees, plus the loss of business during the resolution.

There are several situations unique to California business owners that could arise during an insurance dispute:

• Failure to Defend / Failure to Indemnify
• Errors & Omissions Policies
• Consumer Product Liability
• Business Loss / Interruption
• Personal Injury – Wrongful Death
• Theft / Protection of Inventory & Stock
• Fire – Flood – Casualty
• Construction Defects
• “Jeweler’s Block” policies – alleged misrepresentation of inventory value
• Earthquake – Mudslides – Water Damage
• FREE Consultation / “No-Risk” Contingency Fees

We urge all our Southern California business clients to pro-actively enter into an insurance coverage contract. When your insurance carrier acts in an unreasonable fashion and does not meet the terms of the contract, you know you can come to us for dependable, personalized attention and aggressive protection of your legal rights.

Inland Empire business owners are invited to contact the Law Offices of Marc Grossman today for a FREE evaluation to review any pending insurance dispute or litigation. We take-on these cases on contingency, where there are no fees until we recover a settlement that benefits you. We will deal with your insurance company while you focus on taking care of your business.

Home Owner Insurance Attorneys

Fire / Flood / Casualty / Earthquake / Water Damage / Mudslides / Theft / Personal Injury – Wrongful Death / Boundary Disputes / Property Damage / Construction Defects

The Law Offices of Marc Grossman’s experienced homeowner’s insurance bad faith lawyers assist clients in Southern California in the negotiating and litigating of lawsuits pertaining to insurance bad faith when a proper homeowner’s claim is denied or delayed.

To Put It Simply…

A California homeowner’s insurance policy is a legal binding contract that holds you and the insurance company to the terms of the policy. When an insurance company fails to honor the terms, purposely or not, they have breached the contract, you have the legal rights to pursue the original claim as well as attorney’s cost and any other contractual damages.

But Also…

Even if an insurance company denies a claim based on the terms in the policy, they may still be in violation of the contract due to:

• Stalling tactics and delays – carried out to persuade you to accept a smaller settlement or no settlement at all
• Underpayment Impossible Conditions – requiring verification of a claim or unreasonable amounts of documentation
• Setting Unreasonable Expectations /Time Wasting – insist you resubmit information / gather new information that has already been obtained
• Acting Unreasonably – requiring multiple quotes / changing adjusters or assigning several adjusters
• Failure to Indemnify or Defend – failure to payout a legit claim or defend you in court when an outside claim is made against your homeowner’s insurance policy
• Deceptive Practices – making promises and then denying them in later negotiations / promising payment with no action
• Misrepresentation / Fraud – of the original terms of the insurance policy, including appraisals, evaluations and adjustments

We Really Can Help.

Our insurance trial attorneys have assisted many California homeowners, just like you, in negotiating and litigating in a timely and cost effective resolution to insurance disputes with many of the big insurance carriers across the country. At the Law Offices of Marc Grossman, we offer a FREE initial consultation to hear your case and explain your rights with no further obligation. You will be taken on a contingency basis, if we decide to take it, meaning that we get a fee once we recover a settlement on your favor. And in most cases, there is no risk to you because attorney’s fees will be included in that settlement.

Examination Under Oath

It is very important that you are accompanied by an experienced California insurance “bad faith” lawyer to advise you of your rights and help ensure that only relevant information is requested, if your insurance company requires that you submit to an “Examination Under Oath” (EUO) during their claims investigation. Contact the California Law Offices of Marc Grossman for an appointment and review of your rights, if you have questions about an “Examination Under Oath” (EUO).

Medical Insurance Attorneys

Major Medical – Long-term Care – Nursing – Convalescent Homes

You pay your premiums so that your medical financial obligations will be paid after a major injury or illness. When your insurance carrier, HMO or PPO acts in “bad faith” or fails to honor the insurance policy, you have the legal right to seek damages both for the original claims and emotional distress and additional money for attorney’s fees. The Law Offices of Marc Grossman’s experienced health insurance dispute attorneys have helped many Southern California residents, who are having trouble paying their medical bills and providing for their family while they recover.

Insurance companies may use a variety of questionable legal tactics to avoid payment on legal health insurance claims. Our lawyers have many years experience in investigating and prosecuting HMO, PPO and insurance disputes and “bad faith” claims on behalf of clients at all levels of the federal and state courts:

• Post-claim underwriting
• Marketing / Advertising Fraud
• Rescinding a policy when a claim is made
• Claiming incorrect or insufficient application information
• Failure to pay a pre-authorized policy
• Deceptive Practices
• Unreasonable Expectations / Requirements

Our insurance dispute attorneys have established a concrete reputation for the cost-effective and timely resolution of our client’s serious legal issues. An injury or personal illness is a stressful time that does not need to be escalated by the questionable tactics of an uncaring insurance company. We will review your situation and give you an honest assessment of your rights under the law, call for a free consultation today.

The California bad faith attorneys and insurance dispute trial lawyers at the Upland Law Offices of Marc Grossman provide sound legal advice and aggressive representation to clients in Los Angeles and throughout southern California, including Rancho Cucamonga, Montclair, Claremont, Ontario and all of Orange County.

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