Business Litigation

Business law is an umbrella term that encompasses many different areas of the law. We can help you with basic and complex business document drafting including business creation, business agreements such as articles of incorporation, bylaws, and contracts, and issues that arise when businesses interact with the government, public and other companies. Business law includes disciplines such as tax law, real estate law, employment law, bankruptcy law, regulatory compliance law, contracts law and privacy law among many others.

Some of the more common business litigation issues include the fiduciary liabilities between business partners and shareholders which may be strained at times. All members must operate in good faith and loyalty to the others. This means that self-dealing transactions and being involved in other business ventures that pose direct competition to existing business partners or shareholders is legally actionable and one should consult with counsel immediately about how to move forward.

A second very common instance that results in business litigation is disputes over intellectual property. This typically includes trademark, copyright and patent infringement cases. Another commonly encountered issue is theft of trade secrets which we also have experience dealing with.

Here, we highlight but a few legal hurdles businesses may encounter. When dealing with business law, a resolution that avoids full on litigation is always preferable. In any case, whether mediation, arbitration or litigation is the route chosen to resolve your legal issues, the Law Offices of Marc Elliot Grossman is here to help you.

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