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Insurance companies that provide fire insurance are in business to make money. As such, they have to maintain a balance between their bottom line and the needs of their customers. Unfortunately, they often let the scales tip in favor of their bottom line. They fail to pay fire insurance claims to the people who trusted them and paid them to do so. At the Law Office of Marc Grossman, we will fight to see that they pay your claim on your fire damage home.

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Fire Insurance Claims – What the Consumer Should Know:

You make monthly payments to your fire insurance company so that they will be there for you when you need them. You trust them to do what is right in your time of need. Unfortunately, they may be more interested in looking for ways to deny your home
fire insurance claim.

There are many techniques that fire insurance companies use to deny paying you for your damaged home, your business or other property. One is through interpreting your policy differently than they did when you originally purchased it. They may also tell you that you do not have sufficient coverage, even though they never told you that while you were making your monthly payments. No matter what method they use to deny your claim, we can stand up to them. We want to help you get past this and start moving forward with your life.

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