Wildfire Damage

Your house has been damaged or destroyed by fire. Now you are confronted with putting the pieces of your life back together. Where will you live? Can you rebuild? Did you have enough insurance coverage? What if someone else is to blame for the fire? These are the kinds of questions the expert fire damage claims attorneys from the Law Offices of Marc Grossman will answer during a Free Consultation. Call Now. 1-855-LOMG-911.

“After a fire, you have enough to deal with. A lawyer with experience in fire claims cases can help you deal with the insurance companies, government agencies and deal with the red tape so that you can get your life back on track.”

No matter where you are in Southern California, the Law Offices of Marc Grossman is the best choice in law firms for you. Our fire claims experts can get you the help you need and you the settlement that you deserve.

“We Represent Victims of the California Fires across Southern California.”

We Come To You In Your Time of Need

If you live in La Crescenta, La Cañada-Flintridge, Altadena, Los Angeles, San Bernardino County, San Gabriel Mountains or any other location in Southern California that is prone to fires, you are in our service area. If you are a victim of a wildfire or accidental fire, fire caused by arson or other fire that has caused damage to your home, call the Law Offices of Marc Grossman at 1-855-LOMG-911 NOW! A free consultation with one of our fire damage attorneys will provide you with valuable information and improve your case even if you do not retain our firm.

Wildfire Damage Claims

Southern California is prone terrible wildfires that case damage to homes and disrupt the lives wildfire victims. Hundreds if not thousands of homes are destroyed by fire in Southern California every year. Unfortunately, these fires are most often caused by people and, while these individuals should be held accountable, they typically do not have the resources to pay for the damages. This means that you will likely be looking to your insurance company or government relief to help you get back on your feet.

Often, the problems that victims of wildfire face are often exacerbated by insurance company claims adjusters and government red tape. We often hear from wildfire victims that it is more frustrating and difficult to deal with the insurance company and government claims than dealing with the loss of their home.

“We won’t let the insurance company pay you less than every penny you deserve.”

When fire gets a hold of something, there is nothing that an ordinary citizen can do to stop it. After the damage has been done, people turn to their insurance companies for help rebuilding their lives. All too often, the insurance company simply turns its back and denies fire damage claims. At the Law Office of Marc Grossman, we are here to see that insurance companies fulfill their promises to their customers.

Smart, honest fire damage claims representation

Have you lost your home in a wild fire or any other type of fire? Have you turned to your insurance company for help, only to have them deny your claim? We will stand by your side.

We offer free initial consultations

E-mail us or call us today at (909) 608-7426 to schedule a meeting with a dedicated fire insurance claim lawyer. Let us talk to you about your fire damage case. We offer initial consultations to victims of fire damage to their homes. We would like to get to know your situation and offer you guidance about what can be done to resolve it. We want to help.

How to make sure your insurance company pays you what you are entitled.

Insurance companies usually have significant resources at their disposal. At the Law Office of Marc Grossman, we have significant resources, too. We have earned our reputation by working hard to get results for all of our clients. Our dedication has earned us recognition. Our lead attorney, Marc E. Grossman, was included on a list of the 66 most influential people in the region by the LA Times Inland Valley Voice. That is a reputation you can count on. We can deal with insurance adjuster scams. We can address low-balling by the insurance company. We can help with issues involving mold, microscopic particles of ash and soot in your house and other less visible results of fire damage. We know how to handle these cases. We know how to do what is right for you. To learn more about how a trusted fire insurance attorney can help in your fire damage case, e-mail us or call us toll free at 1-855-LOMG-911 for a free initial consultation.

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