Criminal Fraud

Violations of California’s criminal fraud laws occur anytime you commit an act that results in an unfair or undeserved benefit for you, or cause loss or harm to another person. Fraudulent acts are usually motivated by the desire to escape criminal charges or for financial gain. However, California penalizes a wide variety of acts as fraud, even some that are not linked to financial gain or beating criminal charges.


Since fraud is thought of as a California white-collar crime, California fraud offenses can lead to prison sentences and high fines. Penalties vary widely. Many fraud crimes have specific penalties such as automatic felony charges, while others are California wobbler offenses (a “wobbler” is a crime that prosecutors may charge as either California misdemeanor offenses or California felony offenses depending on your criminal history and the facts of the case). There are also many fraud crimes that can be charged as related offenses such as California’s theft laws, California’s forgery law (Penal Code 470 PC), and/or California’s perjury law (Penal Code 118 PC).

In addition, for many fraud offenses you can face state and federal charges. This means that one court could sentence you to certain penalties and the other court could sentence you to its own penalties too.

Fraud offenses commonly count as crimes of moral turpitude under California law. A conviction for a crime of moral turpitude can be cause to deport even legal resident aliens, or denial of professional licenses.

Plus, any property or money that was involved in committing the fraud may be seized through a process allowed under California law.

Legal Defenses

It works in our favor that there are a variety of California legal defense options for fraud crimes that an experienced California criminal defense attorney can put forward for you. They include (among others):

  1. Someone else committed the fraud but you were identified by mistake
  2. You did not intend to defraud anyone (intent must be proven to get convicted),
  3. Entrapment (you only committed fraud because you were coerced or lured by the police).

These laws are considered California fraud offenses (among others):

California's automobile insurance fraud laws
California's health care insurance fraud laws
California's Medi-Cal insurance fraud laws
California's unemployment insurance fraud laws
California's welfare fraud laws
California's workers' compensation laws
California foreclosure fraud
California's laws against forging deeds
California predatory lending schemes
Illegal property flipping in California
California's rent skimming laws
California straw buyer schemes
California phantom help schemes
California check fraud
California credit card fraud
California securities fraud
California's law against forging, counterfeiting or possessing a fraudulent public seal
California's law against forging or counterfeiting a driver's license or ID card
California's false personation law
California Internet fraud
California senior fraud
California nursing home fraud
Mail fraud
California handicapped parking fraud
California's law against fraudulent vehicle registration stickers

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