California Hit and Run

In California, we have misdemeanor hit and run, and felony hit and run.

The elements that define California misdemeanor hit and run in Vehicle Code 20002 VC are:

1. Leave the scene of an accident
2. Without identifying yourself to the other party involved
3. Another person’s property was damaged in the accident.


The difference between California misdemeanor hit and run and California felony hit and run is that property damage is a misdemeanor, but injury or death of another person is a felony.


California hit and run laws apply at EVERY auto accident. It does not matter who was at fault, the amount of damage, or the seriousness of the injury.


The standard for these laws are so low that many people who normally follow the law carefully can easily break these laws without even knowing that they did so.

Each of the following examples can result in charges for California misdemeanor hit and run:

1. Drive away after hitting and damaging another person’s mailbox with your car
2. Drive away from a minor car accident where the driver of the other vehicle was clearly at fault
3. Drive away if you may have caused an accident, even if you did not actually hit anything


The penalties for misdemeanor hit and run can be steep, especially for a crime that is easy to unintentionally commit. If convicted, you potentially face fines up to $1,000 and up to six months in jail!

Legal Defenses

Knowing the potential penalties, you can see that it is wise to fight these charges. An experienced California hit and run defense attorney knows how to used certain legal defenses that could lead to dismissal of the misdemeanor hit and run charges. These defenses include:

1. You were not aware that there was damage, or that you had actually been in an accident
2. Only your own vehicle was damaged
3. It wasn’t you who was involved in the accident -it was someone else

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