How is Child Support Determined

How California Child Support is Calculated

California family court judges primarily look at two factors when calculating child support:

1. Each parent’s income

2. Time spent by each parent with the child/children

However, many other factors that can affect child support amounts including: child care expenses, mortgages, taxes, and other bills and obligation that affect the family’s financial situation.

Judges have very little discretion in setting child support amounts, they must all follow the same guidelines when calculating child support. This formula is complicated and the only practical way to calculate it is but use of court approve software. You and your spouse are required to provide accurate information from which the ultimate monthly amount will be determined.  This information is subject to the judge’s approval as it is common for parents to distort their income or debt situation to tip the scale in their favor.  However, an attorney from the Law Offices of Marc Grossman will fight to insure the correct information is obtained to determine your child support amount.  With our help, the court will see through the charade and order a fair and reasonable amount of child support.

Whatever child support is ordered, it will continue until the child is 18. However, thing happen in life like the loss of job, your spouse starting a new job and other situation where you or spouse’s financial situation has changed.  If something like that occurs, you should ask the Law Offices of Marc Grossman to assist you in modifying or re-calculating the child support amount.  This can be done at almost anytime but should be done immediately if you are the one ordered to pay child support and your income drops or you cannot afford to pay the child support due to some change in your financial situation.  This is because the child support amount continues to accrue at the last ordered rate until it is modified.

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