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Developing a Good Divorce Strategy

Best Upland Divorce Lawyer. Before filing for divorce, there are a number of things you should discuss with your attorney. Strategy should be at the top of the list. Our experienced family law lawyers will design a strategy to address all of your concerns. This strategic plan will help you protect your rights, preserve your interests. Our strategy will help to insure the best possible outcome for you. Our strategy conveys to your spouse that you are not trying to be vindictive or hurtful. More importantly it says that you expect a fair resolution and you won’t settle for less.

A good strategy says to your spouse that:

  • You want a child custody arrangement that is best for your kids.
  • You want child support and spousal support that is fair and adequate.
  • You want an equitable division of community property.
  • You want an overall fair settlement.
  • You don’t want to needlessly waste time/money on senseless court hearings.

Being Fair and Reasonable is Best

Best Upland Divorce Lawyer

“Reasonableness is best.”

A realistic approach to your divorce is the best way to resolve things quickly and inexpensively. Some divorce attorneys will tell you what you want to hear. They may even say things to stir up your emotions. Fighting with your spouse only guarantees higher legal fees. A divorce shouldn’t be about getting even or punishing your spouse. It should be about finding a fair way to separate one household into two. Ideally you would turn off your emotions and treat it like a business deal. That would be the fastest way to resolve things. It would also cause the least amount of emotional damage to your kids. However, that doesn’t work back her in the real world.

The job of your family law attorney is to be the buffer between you and your spouse. They should try to reduce tensions between you and your spouse. Being fair, realistic and cordial in dealing with your spouse will help to resolve your divorce faster and less expensively than being argumentative and contentious.

Don’t Try To Punish Your Spouse

We get it, you are hurt and angry. However, punishing your spouse by dragging them into court every week is not a good idea. At a minimum it will unnecessarily increase your legal fees. It is also likely to turn the judge against you. Watch this short video to learn more about this and how to avoid it. Then, give us a call or use the contact form on this page to request specific information about your case. The consultation is free. 1-855-LOMG-911.

What if my ex is refusing to cooperate with the divorce?

Even being sweet as pie to your ex will not guarantee that they will do the same for you. Maybe they are angry or bitter. Maybe their attorney or a friend has them worked up emotionally, telling them to stick it to you.  Whatever the case may be, an experienced divorce attorney can make all of the difference. A family law specialist from the Law Offices of Marc Grossman will protect you from your avenging spouse. We know how to push your case forward when your spouse is dragging their feet. We can help to shield you from a lying or hateful spouse that is trying every dirty trick in the book to torture you. When being kind doesn’t work, you need an expert divorce attorney who will take off their gloves and fight bare knuckle to get you a fast, fair and equitable divorce settlement.

“If you have a difficult spouse, first try to be the bigger person. Hopefully they will change their ways. But if your ex is playing dirty or being unreasonable, you need one of our family law specialists. They are experts at resolving difficult divorce cases.”

How to build an unbeatable divorce strategy

        1.  Hire an Upland divorce lawyer with the most experience.

Best Upland Divorce Lawyer

“The best Upland divorce lawyer has the best strategy.”

Both you and your spouse must follow the same rules and laws in a divorce. A Upland divorce lawyers in Upland from the Law Offices of Marc Grossman will know and understand the law and how our court systems work. That should come as no surprise, after all, our attorneys have more than 100 years of collective practice experience. So, step one, call the Law Offices of Marc Grossman at 1-855-LOMG-911 or use the contact form on this page to schedule a FREE consultation with an experienced divorce attorney. No other law firm in Southern California is better equipped to handle your divorce case.

        2.  Define the things that are important to you.

Together with your Upland divorce lawyer, you should decide what are the issues that are most important to you. Remember, this is your divorce, it doesn’t matter what your friends, family or spouse may say. You need to call the shots. Think about what the core issues are to you. Is it child custody? Is it child support or spousal support? Is it your retirement plan? Is it who will get the snowglobe collection? Everyone has a different set of concerns and priorities and this is why every client of the Law Offices of Marc Grossman will have their own personalized strategy to insure the possible outcome for you.

“If you have questions about a personalized divorce strategy, use the contact form on this page or call an experienced divorce lawyer from the Law Offices of Marc Grossman at 1-855-LOMG-911.”

        3.  Know your limitations.

Best Upland Divorce Lawyer

“Talk about you limits before you fall off a cliff.”

Above, you decided what was important to you and you made sort of a wish list of things around which your divorce lawyer will formulate a personalized divorce strategy. Now, you need to discuss with your divorce lawyer the realities of your situation so that you know your limitations. For example, if you said above “it is vital to me to have sole custody of my children,” your Upland divorce lawyer will probably explain that it is unlikely for you to receive full custody from the court unless there is some serious reason for it. In most cases the court will want both parents to involved in the child’s life and for each to be involved in the decision making about the child. However, in cases of abuse, criminal activity, abandonment and other serious problems with your spouse, sole custody may still be available. The important thing here is that you listen to your Upland divorce lawyer so that you can adopt a realistic strategy for your divorce.

If you have questions about what limitations may apply to your divorce case, use the contact form on this page or call an experienced Upland divorce lawyer at 1-855-LOMG-911.

        4.  Plan your actions.

As a part of your personalized divorce strategy, your divorce lawyer will discuss the timing of certain events such as hearings, mediation and other aspects of the divorce process. Knowing the process and timing may ease some of your concerns but, your actions are just as important as the actions taken by your Upland divorce lawyer. By planning your personal actions with your divorce lawyer you will be doing your part by improving relations with your spouse and by not damaging your case with reactionary behavior that will likely make you look bad to the court or make your ex more difficult to deal with.

        5.  Listen to your family law attorney.

Best Upland Divorce Lawyer

“Listen to your family law lawyer’s advice.”

Unless you have been married and divorced eight times like Elizabeth Taylor, you are probably not a divorce expert like your Upland divorce lawyer from the Law Offices of Marc Grossman. You retained a divorce lawyer to guide and assist you in the divorce process. Your divorce lawyer is a family law specialist who is dedicated to you and your case. If you have discussed your divorce strategy with your Upland divorce lawyer then you should have confidence that the strategy is sound and will help you to achieve the best possible outcome. If you are uncomfortable with the strategy then discuss it with your divorce lawyer, they will listen to your concerns and make the necessary adjustments if appropriate. Keep in mind that this is an emotional time for you and your spouse and this may cause either of you to act in a manner that is contrary to your best interests. Your Upland divorce lawyer is not emotionally connected in the same way and they will be able to make clear decisions that will produce the best outcome for you. So, listen to your divorce lawyer.

is one where your spouse understands that you want a fair settlement  While attorneys and litigants are required to abide by the same laws and rules, there are often tactical decisions that need to be made early on in the case. By working with a qualified divorce attorney in Upland and thoroughly discussing your concerns, you can ensure the best possible outcome of your divorce.

You and your attorney should work together to decide as soon as possible whether your case can be handled through settlement or whether litigation will be required.It is also important to determine whether you are in need of emergency orders, restraining orders, child custody and visitation orders, or child support and / or spousal support orders while the case is pending. You should also make sure to determine early in the case whether or not there will be complicated financial issues surrounding the division of your property and obligations. These issues are often document-intensive, so working with your lawyer to discover what issues can be anticipated is wise in order to ensure that the proper documentation can be gathered in a timely fashion.

Throughout this process, it is important to be open and honest with your divorce attorney. Don’t hesitate to collect any documentation your attorney requests and be prepared to give a complete picture of your financial situation and other details pertinent to the case. Remember, the more honest and straightforward you are, the better chance your attorney has to help you to arrive at an acceptable resolution in the marriage dissolution process.

Choosing the Best Upland Divorce Lawyer

Being a good family law attorney takes more than knowing the law and court procedures. It takes a divorce lawyer who understands the impact of a divorce on a family unit. The best Upland divorce lawyer has the qualities of compassion, strength and intelligence and approaches all family law cases ethically, always putting their client’s interest before their own. The best Upland divorce lawyer has excellent negotiation skills, disarming and defusing conflicts to reach the best possible settlement for their clients. When negotiations fail, the best Upland divorce lawyer is a ferocious defender of their clients and know how to formulate an assault that wins. You can hire any attorney to represent you in your divorce case or you can hire the best Upland divorce lawyer.

“When you need the best Upland divorce lawyer, call the Law Offices of Marc Grossman at 1-855-LOMG-911 now or use the contact form on this page to request a free consultation with an Upland divorce lawyer.”

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